3 Tips for SEO

In this video, Paige talks about how to use keywords to improve your search engine optimization.  While keywords are a big part of SEO, there are many other things that go into a solid search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization can often be a challenge for the small business.  Big brands and big spenders seem to dominate the top page of Google.  The main takeaway when developing your SEO strategy is that you must play the “long game”.  It typically takes from 3-6 months of diligent work on your site to start to see results from a SEO campaign.  Don’t believe sites that promise a quick ascension to the top of Google.  Their plans often involve things like keyword stuffing which search engines will eventually penalize your site for.

If you need help determining your SEO strategy, put our expertise to work.  We have plans that fit most any budget, and any level of involvment. 

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